martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Lake Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada.Manipogo.

Manipogo is the name given to the Lake Monster reported to live in Lake Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada. Sightings of this cryptid have been known from at least 1908. Other incidents include, in: 1948: Reported that some sort of creature rose six feet out of the lake and gave a “prehistoric type of dinosaur cry.” 1957: Visitors saw a “giant serpent like creature in the lake.” (The creature was dubbed Manipogo in 1957, the name echoing British Columbia’s Ogopogo.) The two most intriguing sightings occurred in 1962 and 1997. The first sighting was during a fishing trip. Dick Vincent of KCND Television (later CKND, now Global) and his television colleague, John Konefell, spotted a serpent-like creature and chased after it in their boat. They were unable track down the mysterious animal, but were able to take a blurred photograph. The photograph showed a large, dark object rising two feet out of the water. In subsequent years, Vincent denied that it was Manipogo, claiming he wasn’t sure what it was.

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