martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Iliamna Lake Monster.Alaska.

The Iliamna Lake Monster, or commonly referred to by locals as Illie, is a cryptid whose legend has haunted the Alaskan fishing village of Iliamna. The native’s tales describe a large beast that roams the waters. The monster has many reported sightings along with a few reported causes of death under its belt. Over the years, it has gained enough attention to lure the Animal Planet show “River Monsters” in attempt to find out what may lie beneath the waters. The monster is a reported 10–30 feet in length with a square-like head that is used to place blunt force unto things such as small boats. Although there is no physical evidence to conclude the monster's existence, many reports beg to differ. Sightings 1942: Babe Alyesworth and Bill Hammersley reported seeing a large, dull, aluminum-colored fish from their plane. This encouraged others to come forth with sightings and more information. 1963: Biologist reported seeing a 25–30 foot fish from overhead; it did not come up for air. 1977: A pilot, while flying over Pedro Bay, spots a 12–14 foot fish on the surface as it dove down, revealing vertical tail. 1987: Resident Verna Kolyaha reported seeing a large black fish with white stripe down its fin. 1988: Several locals report the same sighting from water and land, a large black fish with a fin swimming near the surface.

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