domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

The Giant Sturgeon theory.

Apart from the famous Loch Ness Monster, there are many more reports of mysterious creatures within the lakes and lochs of Britain, dating as far back as recorded history, and probably further. Some are mingled with old folklore about dragons and mermaids, while the more modern sightings have often become attributed to unidentified real creatures, including extinct dinosaurs. There is little doubt that strange forms are seen in various bodies of water, what is more difficult to ascertain is whether the creatures are actually physical, misinterpreted natural phenomena or something else.Physical theories suggest that the sightings are related to misidentified fishes and mammals, such as a giant catfish, or a giant eel, or even a giant sturgeon. One validation of this theory (described in The Best of Fortean Times, Futura 1991) came in 1987 when a 900 pound, 11 foot long sturgeon was found dead in Lake Washington USA, apparently there had been a story about a giant duck eating monster living in the lake for many years before this discovery. The Sturgeon is thought to have died from old age, and may have been 80 years old.

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