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A lake monster or loch monster is a purported form of fresh-water-dwelling megafauna appearing in mythology, rumor, or local folklore, but whose existence lacks scientific support. A well known example is the Loch Ness Monster. Lake monsters' depictions are often similar to some sea monsters. They are principally the subject of investigations by followers of the study of cryptozoology and folklore. This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Body of water Province/State Country Continent Creature Description Comments Raystown Lake Pennsylvania USA North America "Raystown Ray"[1] Featured on the Syfy program Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Wallowa Lake Oregon USA North America Wally Okanagan Lake British Columbia Canada North America Ogopogo Green in color, three humps in the water and a horse-like bearded head. Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Canada North America Thetis Lake British Columbia Canada North America Thetis Lake Monster Possible escaped Tupinambis lizard. Lake Manitoba Manitoba Canada North America Manipogo Lake Winnipegosis Manitoba Canada North America Winnipogo Lake Utopia New Brunswick Canada North America Lake Utopia Lake Monster Crescent Lake Newfoundland Canada North America Cressie Lake Simcoe Ontario Canada North America Igopogo Also known as Kempenfelt Kelly. Muskrat Lake Ontario Canada North America Mussie Lake Ontario Ontario Canada North America Kingstie (USA/Canada) Lake Temiskaming Ontario Canada North America Mugwump Thunder Bay Ontario Canada North America Ugly Merman merbeing Lake of the Woods Ontario Canada North America Woodsie Lake of the Woods lies partly in the USA. Lake Memphrémagog Quebec Canada North America Memphré Lake Memphrémagog lies partly in the USA. Lac Decaire Quebec Canada North America Lizzie Lac Pohénégamook Quebec Canada North America Ponik Lac Simon Quebec Canada North America White shark Lac Hertel Quebec Canada North America Le Monstre du Lac Hertel Popularized by a song by Groovy Aardvark; no sightings seem to have been reported. The lake has a maximum depth of only 9 m (29.5 ft), insufficient for a "monster" to hide. Iliamna Lake Alaska USA North America Illie White River Arkansas USA North America White River Monster, "Whitey" This monster is said to have been responsible for overturning a confederate munitions boat during the civil war. Lake Elsinore California USA North America Hamlet Lake Tahoe California USA North America Tahoe Tessie (California/Nevada) Fish Lake California USA North America Giant salamander Homer Lake California USA North America Manitou Scott Lake Washington USA North America Larry the 'Lympian also known as "Sage" and "Kardnos" Reportedly sighted near public restrooms on Olympia's Capitol Lake Lake Tarpon Florida USA North America Tarpie[2] Payette Lake Idaho USA North America Sharlie, Slimy Slim Fulks Lake Indiana USA North America Beast of 'Busco, Oscar the Turtle Lake Pepin Minnesota USA North America "Pepe" Red Lake/Mille Lacs/Others Minnesota USA North America Ouampenanagoag Possible overgrown lake sturgeon; known for supposedly eating the dead. Lake Champlain New York Vermont USA North America Champ A reptilian creature, 20 to 40 feet in length, with a long neck, and four flippers, or webbed feet. Possibly capable of echolocation. (USA/Canada) Lake Willoughby Vermont USA North America Willy A serpent-like creature, claimed to be up to 23 feet in length. May be a large freshwater eel. (USA/Canada) Hudson River New York USA North America Hudson River Monster, "Kipsy" Lake Erie Ohio USA North America Bessie, South Bay Bessie (USA/Canada) Lake Ray Hubbard Texas USA North America "Josh", the Lake Ray Hubbard Monster Xiphactinus (USA/Canada) Lake Oologah Oklahoma USA North America "Ooly", the Oologah Lake Monster Leptocleidus Bear Lake Idaho Utah USA North America Bear Lake Monster, Isabella Crocodilian The creature can supposedly crawl onto the shore. Lake Thunderbird Oklahoma USA North America Oklahoma Octopus freshwater Octopus Great Salt Lake Utah USA North America North Shore Monster Monster crocodilian Rock Lake Wisconsin USA North America "Rocky" Arenal Lagoon[3] [4] Alajuela Costa Rica North America A serpentine Lake animal similar to Nessie Lago Dilolo Angola Africa Chipekwe Mamfe Pool Cameroon Africa Mokele-mbembe Lake Chad Chad Africa Auli Dilolo Swamps Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Chipekwe Lake Edward Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Irizima Maika marshes Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Mahamba Lake T'ana Ethiopia Africa Auli Lake Victoria Kenya Africa Lukwata Lake Makele Republic of the Congo Africa Mokele-mbembe Lake Tebeki Republic of the Congo Africa Mokele-mbembe Lake Télé Republic of the Congo Africa Mokele-mbembe Lake Tanganyika Tanzania Africa Chipekwe, Pamba Lake Bangweulu Zambia Africa Chipekwe Kafue Flats Zambia Africa Chipekwe Lake Mweru Zambia Africa Chipekwe Lake Shiwa Ngandu Zambia Africa Chipekwe Bangweulu Swamp Zambia Africa Nsanga Lake Kashiba Zambia Africa Ichitapa Lake Kariba Zimbabwe Africa Nyaminyami Bassenthwaite Lake England United Kingdom Europe Eachy Windermere England United Kingdom Europe Bow-Nessie Llangorse Lake Wales United Kingdom Europe Gorsey Llyn Tegid Wales United Kingdom Europe Teggie Loch Ness Scotland United Kingdom Europe Nessie The most famous lake monster and one the most familiar cryptids known to science. Loch Morar Scotland United Kingdom Europe Morag Loch Maree Scotland United Kingdom Europe Muc-sheilch Wardersee Schleswig-Holstein Germany Europe Rholdi This monster has not yet been observed by witnesses or technology Rholdi is said to have been responsible for overturning a canoe with two passengers in April 2009. As an apparent act of apology on Rholdi's part, hours later when the passengers were already safely ashore, the sinking canoe was flipped back over and brought to shore (empty of water) and tied up to the jetty; meanwhile noone around the lake had done or seen a thing. Lagarfljót Iceland Europe Lagarfljót Worm Lakes of Killarney Munster Ireland Europe Muckie Seljordsvatnet Telemark Norway Europe Seljordsormen Storsjön Sweden Europe Storsjöodjuret in Jämtland Gryttjen Sweden Europe Gryttie in Hälsingland Varberg Fortress Sweden Europe Varberg Fortress Moat Monster Brosno Lake Tver Oblast Russia Europe Brosno Dragon Also known as Brosnya. Labynkyr Lake Sakha Republic Russia Asia Labynkyr Monster Lake Khaiyr eastern Siberia Russia Asia Lake Van Turkey Asia Lake Van Monster Lake Kanas[5] China Asia Lake Kanas Creatures Tian Chi Lake Tianchi China Asia Lake Tianchi Monster Lake Ikeda Kagoshima Japan Asia "Issie" Lake Kussharo Hokkaidō Japan Asia "Kusshii" Lake Argyle Western Australia Australia Australia Aggie Lake Modewarre Victoria Australia Australia "Bunyip" Lake Coleridge New Zealand New Zealand "Lakey" Lake Nahuel Huapi Río Negro Province and Neuquén Province Argentina South America "Nahuelito" Lake Chini Pahang Malaysia South East Asia "Naga Tasik Chini" Dragon Lake Pinatubo Zambales Philippines Asia Pinatubo monster[6] Serpent like creature

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