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The most famous photograph of Champ, the Mansi Photograph, was taken in 1977. Sandra Mansi's account of her family's 1977 encounter with Champ is the most fully documented sighting of any lake monster sighting in history. Sandra, her two children, and her fiancé Anthony Mansi, along with Sandra's two children from her previous marriage, were driving on the north shore of Lake Champlain near the town of St. Albens. Around noon, they stopped at a small bluff that overlooked the lake. As the children waded along the shore, Mansi saw what she first thought was a school of fish or a scuba diver about 150 yards out. Suddenly, "the head and neck broke the surface of the water." As her fiancé hurried the children out of the water, Mansi quickly grabbed her Instamatic camera and snapped a photo. Then she put the camera down and watched as the creature turned slightly and then disappeared again beneath the water's surface. The sighting lasted a remarkably long time; the Mansi's estimated from four to seven minutes. What is most remarkable about the photograph is that, although examined by several experts there is absolutely no evidence of tampering with the picture, making the Mansi Photograph the most credible evidence to date of a lake monster sighting.

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